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L’Atlantida de Vic

Sunday, 17/03/2024 18:00
The Ballet de Catalunya's new production, "Juliet and Romeo," reimagines Shakespeare's classic through choreographer Elias Garcia's innovative lens. This reinterpretation places Juliet at the center, challenging traditional gender roles and empowering her as a figure of resistance in a patriarchal world. The production melds neoclassical and contemporary dance, incorporating unique Catalan folk elements to symbolize Juliet’s struggle for autonomy. This bold adaptation not only pays tribute to historical feminist figures but also aims to inspire a modern perspective on women's equality and empowerment in the arts.

Fundació Ballet de Catalunya
Carrer Mare de Deu del Angels 90, 08221 Terrassa (Barcelona)
Telephone: +34 938352053
Email: entradas@catballet.org

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